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J. Harrison Excavation And Pipeline LTD.

Development Projects
Wolfe Island Wind Mill
Kingston Toyota
Water Treatment Plant

Development Properties
Anna Lane Condos
Creekford Development
Creekside Valley Development
Baycreek Development
Kings Landing Project
Development Projects

Anna Lane Condos

Anna Lane Condos located at Queen and Bagot Streets Kingston. We are responsible for the Shoring Expansion and Removal of Rock for Underground parking lot.

Creekford Development Project

Creekford is a 76 lot subdivision location in Kingston area. J. Harrison Excavating was responsible for the site servicing, site works, building of detention ponds, creation of roads and ditches and landscaping. Creekford Development is a completed subdivision in westbrook

Creekside Valley Development Project

Creekside Valley Development is a property that is in the planning stage (very large property) creekside subdivision is the name of the subdivision

Babcock Mill Estates

Babcock Mills lots available in the fall of 2012.Babcock Mill property is located in loyalist township Odessa West Neighbourhood. Fully services 40'& 50' single family. 60' semi detached. Baycreek Development Limited 613-389-2025 More information

Kings Landing Projecta

Kings Landing Project is a 89 lot subdivision located in Kingston. This project included site servicing, site works, creation of roads and some landscaping.
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